Netpage Unlimited Transmitter Controller

The Netpage Unlimited Transmitter Controller is a completely unique product which has been extensively developed by Long Range Systems. There are many features which are completely unique and are groundbreaking where this type of technology is needed. Some of those features include the following:

Maximum Transmission: - by utilising a new LRS development - Paging Families. This is an industry first. Our Netpage UL uses the very latest methods to page. Paging Families are created and used to minimise interference and maximise transmission efficiency by grouping one or more Transmitter Controllers together. When a message is sent the Netpage Servver tells each family when to transmit. This elliminates interference so that many Transmitter Controllers can send pages simultaneously. The Netpage Server continually monitors paging traffic and maximises efficiency by transmitting to several employees at one time. This gives you the absolute fastest possible paging solution available in the world today.

Local Paging - Global Possibilities: Netpage UL is the most sophisticated local paging system in the world. Using Transmitter Controllers, paging capabilities can be extended to provide increased range by elimminating dead spots. Simply connect a Transmitter Controller wherever there is a dead spot. The result is a mini wide-area paging network, and various office locations (including global locations) can be connected as long as the company has a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

No Installation Required: Netpage UL is IP/TCP based. Therefore anyone in your organisation can access it without installing programs on their PC.* As an IP-based solution Netpage is not confined to a PC, MAC or Linux based computer or number of user limitations. **Drivers must be installed on PC's that have a Transmitter Controller connected to them.)

Field Upgradeable: As LRS continues to develop new features and solutions for Netpage. these upgrades will be easily added to your Netpage system providing you with unlimited access to the latest and greatest product features and benefits.


transmitter controller for Netpage

  • Netpage Unlimited in Use

  • Standard Features:
  • Global Groups - page an administrator created group or department at once, these groups are available to every user
  • My Groups - users may set up personal Groups to page a group of up to 5 people

    Global Alarms - send an alert to an administrative defined group or department at once

    My Alarms - send a user-defined alert as a personal reminder

    Paging Families - maximises efficiency by grouping one or more transmit controllers together for non-interfered transmission

    On Premise/Off Premise Status Settings - displays user status based on location whether inside or outside the building

    Administrator Reporting - System Administrator has access to all user logins, status, and messaging history

    Receptionist Module - update employees on premise or off premise status

    Auto on/off - the system can automatically turn pagers on and off at preset times each day to increase battery life by up to 50%

    Quick Search - locate employees from the directory quickly with predictive text

    Full Scalability - add local and global users as the company expands

    Telephone Interface - allows users to page staff from any telephone

    Push Button Alerts - allows users or customers/patients to page staff members at the touch of a button

    Compatible with ALL LRS pagers

Optional Add-ons:

Guest/Patient waitlist - allows the use of waitlists that can be shared by multiple users for guest paging. Users can add guests/patients to waitlists as well as page guests/patients

SMS Text Messaging - automatically sends SMS text messages to users who are out of the office

Email Alert Messages - Receive an email copy of the Netpage UL messages

Please note that additional fees may apply to Optional add-ons.

A Paging Solution for Every Business:

LRS Brings you Netpage Unlimited - the premier wireless paging solution that provides organisations of ANY industry and of ANY size with superior and UNLIMITED communication capabilities.

Improve Productivity Through Wireless Technology

Since 1993 LRS has been the leading supplier of on-site guest and staff paging and management systems by providing the most effective solutions and listening to the needs of our customers. Now, we offer newer products designed to increase sales, collect real-time guest marketing data and more.

LRS owns 20 patents and we provide over 30 products designed to help you streamline operations, improve service and increase sales every day. We've developed an offer exclusive products and services that no other company can.
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Our local paging system that provides unlimited range for both staff and guest/patients paging with wait lists and multiple message types: SMS Texts - Onsite Pager -  Email. Netpage UK also features paging families for transmit controllers enabling quick reliable and increased messaging throughput.

LRS is an engineering and manufacturing company. All of our products are designed and assembled by us. We closely control quality and we design systems with features that are important to you.

Durable and Rugged Pagers
They're made of extremely durable Lexan plastic to survive even the most rugged environments.

Separate Pager Holsters
Instead of attached belt clips that break easily our rechargeable pagers are carried in separate spring-loaded pager holsters. This illuminates broken belt clips as well as the need to return the entire pager for repair. We also offer a leather quality 'pager protector' - visit for further details.

LRS has always been the leader in value-driven products. We guarantee the most features for the greatest value. Plus, when you factor in your increase in sales due to improved guest satisfaction and staff productivity our systems are virtually priceless.

UK Warranties
We stand behind our products completely and provide a warranty that no other company in the world offers - a 3 year new for old warranty. We also offer extended warranties for the extended life that our systems offer thus protecting your investment long term.

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