Netpage Unlimited

Our Netpage UL software offers NEW ideas with Paging.
This exciting new system operates from a 'browser' and
requires no software to be deployed on the PC, and now utilising Local Paging. This brand new and exciting technology is available NOW DIRECT from LRS UK.

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Superb Usability

The Netpage UL software can support up to 100,000 users based either in the same building, or site, or in fact anywhere in the world without the need for a 'wide area' paging system.

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Technically Superior

Our Netpage Transmitter utilises some of the latest technology available to allow the system to address solutions which other systems simply cannot ever resolve.

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Highest Secified System

Our Netpage Solution can send Group and individual pages, SMS, Emails and many other solutions - you can even page from a telephone with the optional add-ons available.

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