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Long Range Systems has been around in the paging industry since the early 1990's. We hold a number of Patents for products which are unique, innovative and effective. Working DIRECTLY with a Manufacturer offers far greater benefits than when you buy from regular sources or distributors.

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We are a long established world leader in Paging and Communications. You will be working directly with the Manufacturer and where quality, support and service is concerned we are second to none. Our world wide support and our warranties confirm that our products stand well above competitors on the world marketplace. Our staff also have extensive knowledge in the Networking Environment of Corporate, Education and Health Authorities.

Our standards are exceedingly high - probably like yours.

We pride ourselves in the quality of every thing we do.

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Long Range Systems UK

Large International Base
LRS supports customers globally - no matter how large your organisation we can help.

For further information about LRS UK you can also visit the UK's main website at www.lrspagers.co.uk

We thank you for your interest in our company and the Netpage Unlimited equipment and look forward to discussing your requirements in more depth in due course.

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All LRS products are Developed, Manufactured, sold and supported by LRS DIRECT for a first class high quality guaranteed solution for your problem.

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